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An increasing number of models come with all-wheel drive (AWD), which has many wondering: is AWD right for me? While some drivers imagine 4×4 configurations are only for those who are crossing streams and navigating through dense undergrowth, there are a wide range of drivers that can benefit from the many advantages of AWD.

AWD is a relatively new feature that uses computer sensors to monitor individual wheel-spin and send power where needed. According to US News, it comes in handy most when you can’t get traction, as it prevents you from getting stuck with your rear two wheels spinning. With power in each wheel, you can also perform better around corners, which is one reason many prefer AWD systems on the racetrack as well.

You should always drive with caution when there’s rain or snow, but AWD can help you perform better on slippery surfaces (especially when paired with good tires). So, even if you don’t plan on going off road near Tacoma, you may still benefit from an intelligent AWD system.

Additionally, some drivers prefer AWD because you tend to get better grip and a balanced distribution of power. That means oversteer and understeer are less likely to occur, leading to faster (and safer) laps. With more control, a skilled driver can do wonders with an AWD configuration under the hood.

Here at Titus-Will Toyota, we have plenty of AWD vehicles for you to explore.

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