Tips on How to Spring Clean Your Toyota

Spring Clean Your Toyota | Titus-Will Toyota
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Winter always lasts a while here in Washington. Now that it is finally over, it is time for some spring cleaning. In addition to airing out your house and clearing out the junk, don’t forget to spring clean your Toyota.


If you haven’t already, it is time to remove your winter tires. Now that the temperatures are warmer, you can potentially damage your winter tires by leaving them on too long.

Wash the Exterior

After your rugged outdoor winter adventures, it is time to wash away the dirt, debris, and lingering salt. Work form the top down and use a two-bucket method (one for soapy clean water, one for dirty rinse water). Pay special attention to the underbody, since that is where leftover salt can do the most damage. Dry it off with a microfiber towel.


Take everything out of car, including any trash or random items that have gathered over the winter. Use a mild cleaning spray and soft cloth on any hard surfaces. Clean any stains on your cloth upholstery or use an appropriate cleaner for leather. Vacuum as much of the inside as you can, again starting from the top. Only put what you absolutely need back inside your Toyota.

For more spring cleaning tips, be sure to visit Titus-Will Toyota and speak with our staff.

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