Toyota Plans to Reduce North American Factory Emissions by 40 Percent

2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid | Tacoma, WA

In recent years, automakers like Toyota have made various pledges to reduce the amount of emissions that its operations produce. Still, Toyota recently announced an unprecedented step toward this goal.

Toyota wants to reduce emissions produced by its North American operations by up to 40 percent over the next three years. In order to accomplish this lofty goal, Toyota is looking to solar and wind power as renewable options to power its factories and facilities. Toyota plans to reach out to renewable energy companies to connect its North American facilities with these renewable energy resources.

Of course, this latest environmental pledge is part of a larger movement. Dubbed the Environmental Challenge 2050, this goal will hopefully lead to the Toyota automaker reaching zero emissions by the year 2050.

“We are committed to setting an example of sustainability that goes beyond vehicles to show how a company can significantly reduce the environmental impact of its operations,” said Kevin Butt, Toyota Motor North America’s general manager and director of regional environmental sustainability. “By cutting our U.S. emissions by forty percent, we will be that much closer to our goal of having a net positive impact on the environment by the middle of this century.”

Another way that Toyota hopes to reach these goals is by offering an impressive lineup of hybrid vehicles. You can take one of these fuel-efficient Toyotas out for a test drive at Titus-Will Toyota.

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